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Enjoy puzzles? I do!

We grow the most when we face challenges. Through questions and exercises, I provide insights to puzzle out solutions to your business challenges In my work, I am mentor, coach, adviser and cheerleader for my small business clients.

GLEE is my own personal philosophy for business and life. Grow, Learn, Empower, Enjoy.

Let me show you how to Grow with GLEE!

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Linda Dent
CEO & Founder

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Growth stories are tales of constant learning, empowerment and enjoyment

I have approached Linda Dent from Just Ask Linda! to assist me, a small business owner with specific things such as cash flow. What I got was so much more. Linda adds value to your organisation not by telling, talking, describing or leading. Linda uses your business results and numbers, setup in a way that makes sense to facilitate business owners to the best possible outcome and decision for their business in terms of operations, financial management but also high level decision-making. Business owners most of the time have their heads stuck in the detail and unable to step back and have a conceptual view of their businesses. This is where Linda comes in handy. She is also gentle, patient but brutally honest in such a professional way that you can only respect her business acumen. I would highly recommend Linda Dent.

Jaco Fourie

Absolutely Water Franchise owner

I reached out to Linda because I have big goals and needed someone to help me get there. What I got was much more than I expected. Linda not only helped me itemise each thing that I needed to do to reach my goals. She helped me figure out exactly where I should invest my time to maximise my return to the company. Her fun yet stern way of connecting with me and my team kept us to our promises and at the same time free to be open and honest. After working with Linda I know reaching my goals is only a matter of executing the plan she gave us over time.

Marlon August

Story Advantage

What made me reach out to a business coach?

I was very fortunate to have a mutual connection to my current business coach – Linda Dent. A general conversation about what Linda does came up and after hearing about how she could help me, it was a simple decision to book our first meeting. Prior to this, I didn’t realise that I could reach out to a business coach, especially because at the time, I was a fresh business owner running a start-up.

How have I benefited from coaching sessions?

The benefits are really endless and invaluable. My business coaching journey has taught me so much! I have learnt how to strategically plan my business to successfully transition into each phase of the business lifecycle – starting as a one-man start-up to in my 4th year of trading, running a full-fledged team generating over 16x that of the first year. My coaching sessions have tremendously helped me plan, run, manage and grow my business. I look forward to working with Linda for the next 10 years!

Tamzin Janse van Vuuren

Ideation Digital

I have known Linda in excess of 20 years. In this time I have got to know her as an astute business woman and leader. This week I had such an insightful conversation with Linda over a cup of coffee! 30 minutes with Linda helped me focus my thinking about my own business! She stretched me to tap into my #GREAT thinking needed to take my business forward! Thank you Linda.

Debbie Venables

Think Eunoia

just ask linda logo with tagline Valued insights focussed

Let us walk the journey to business growth with you.

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