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Hi Its Linda Dent form Just Ask Linda Business coaching
Today I want to share a story with you.
Its called “The Hero’s Journey”
An american mythologist, Joseph Campbell wrote a best-selling book in 1949 called The Hero with a Thousand Faces
All journeys begin with the hero at rest in a place of comfort or discomfort like a business owner or employee just ticking off the days doing the same routine things
Then one day there is the call to adventure. An outsider comes along and convinces the would be hero that there is something better, greater, more exciting waiting for them.
The hero enters the unknown in search of treasure, learning many new things on her travels, facing many challenges and dangers but she also meets various mentors and companions on this journey who try to help her or are just there for support and eventually the reward is hers.
Think now about a small business owner, perhaps like you and apply the same storyline.