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An organisation’s ability to LEARN and translate that learning into ACTION rapidly is the ultimate COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

About Linda Dent

Founder and CEO of Just Ask Linda Business Coaching

Just Ask Linda is an independent brand with 35 years of banking experience, supported by her own international business coach, advisors, and professional connections.

Linda has coached and mentored South African business owners of small to medium enterprises to establish their own vision, identify inherent business risks and grow their businesses substantially in short periods of time.

She holds a BCom in Finance; incl. Economics, Accounting, Tax, Commercial Law, Insurance and risk, and Business Information systems. The generalist nature of this degree has been the backbone of her success as a Corporate Banker and subsequently as a Business Coach.

Linda Dent is acknowledged as an expert in her field and has influenced pricing decisions for large corporate clients to enhance revenue. Her multitude of professional milestones and achievements, including the overseeing of the cost management and controls for a multi-million rand product line, development of a database to extract insights into the activity drivers and prediction of future cost trends makes her an industry leader in executive business coaching.

Valued Insights Focussed Action

How Philip Kraft Increased Growth by 300% in 3 years.

Phillip Kraft standing in front of certificates

Philip Kraft, Business Owner, and Financial Planner

“People think that Business Coaches are for massive businesses that have lots of money, and it’s just not true. Sometimes it’s businesses that just need to go to the next level. I would say they need to speak to Linda to make the most of their business.”

The results were noticeable almost instantly:

– Increase in Staff Complement.
– 30% Growth within 6 months.
– 100% Revenue growth in the first year.
– 300% Revenue growth in year three.

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