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About Linda Dent

Founder and CEO of  Just  Ask Linda Business Coaching

Linda has coached and mentored South African small business owners to establish their vision, identify inherent business risks and grow their businesses by more than 60% in 12 months.

Just Ask Linda is an independent brand supported by her own international business coach and a team of advisors and professional connections. She draws on 35 years of banking experience, highlighted below to provide sound advice to her coaching clients.

Led a team of high performing individuals to identify, analyse, report and implement cross-team cost-saving or efficiency enhancing initiatives, improving collaboration and implementing key performance measures. Delivered ZAR 150m in efficiency gains over 3 years. She also oversaw the cost management and controls for a multi-million rand product line, development of a database to extract insights into the activity drivers and predict future cost trends. She has been acknowledged as a expert in this field and influenced pricing decisions for large corporate clients to enhance revenue.

Facilitated and coordinated bank wide relationships with Top 40 JSE listed companies growing total portfolio asset growth from ZAR1bn to ZAR3.5bn in just 3 years, successfully implemented

two management buyout deals and won awards for ground-breaking corporate finance deals. Holds a BCom in Finance, Economics, Accounting, Tax, Commercial Law, Insurance and risk, Business Information systems. The generalist nature of this degree has been the backbone of her success as a Corporate Banker and subsequently as a Business Coach.

Happily married to Evan with whom she has two grown up daughters: Lauren and Morgen. Even applied her analytical approach to identifying the career paths most suited to her daughters specific personalities i.e. Nature Guide and Sound Engineer although she admits to being unsuited to doing either herself the passion and excitement they share is reward enough. Avid reader, learner and traveler. Enjoys yoga and cooking. Current President of both the local Rotary club and BNI chapter.