Have you ever “lost” a client?

More than once I find myself talking to a client about losing a client. They feel down, defeated and question why they lost this client.

It’s a loss of revenue of course but also a loss of self-worth. I tell my clients to not look at it as a loss but a parting of the ways rather. It sounds less final and can actually be a joyful conclusion rather than a sad one. A client leaving can open space for you to invite other opportunities, better ones perhaps. You can learn from this experience.

This has also happened to me a few times but one recent instance nearly broke me and it took me ages to come to terms with it. Here is the letter I penned to my client:


I am acutely aware that we have not been in touch with one another since 21 April.

I deeply regret not communicating with you sooner.

I was out of action for two weeks in May but there is no excuse for not contacting you since.

On reflection, I believe I now understand why this is so.

We have been on a journey together for over 3 years and in that time we have both grown so much.

You have faced many challenges and I have attempted to be a good guide along the way.

I kept looking at your management accounts and projections and thinking what do I have left to teach you!

Your record-keeping is excellent, your products, prices and processes well defined.

You most definitely have a reputation amongst your people for fairness and care and I have

no doubt that your clients, suppliers and competitors have the deepest respect for you.

Your business acumen is superb.

You have had the courage to scale your business. Many talk of this but few can actually do it and you have not only reached that mountain but you are scaling it with vigour.

Indeed there are many challenges ahead but I do believe you are equal to them. I truly believe in you and P………….. and whatever you decide it has been an honour to walk with you for these last three years.”

Once I wrote and sent that I felt a sense of relief. It was the right thing to do. Reflecting again now I realise that this journey is what I have been promising all along to existing and prospective clients. It didn’t need to be forever. It just needed to be about Growth, Learning, Empowerment and Enjoyment (GLEE) and it was! For a conversation on this topic you are welcome to #JustAskLinda

Enjoy puzzles? I do!

We grow the most when we face challenges. Through questions and exercises, I provide insights to puzzle out solutions to your business challenges In my work, I am mentor, coach, adviser and cheerleader for my business clients.

GLEE is my own personal philosophy for business and life. 

Grow, Learn, Empower, Enjoy.

Let me show you how to Grow with GLEE!

Linda Dent

CEO & Founder

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