Speaking vs Listening

Do you know how you always hear people saying we have one mouth and two ears for a reason. We should listen more than we speak.

But I really like speaking and not just to hear the sound of my own voice but to share stories and insights that I hope help others.

I am not that coach who follows all the international coaching federation guidelines to draw out the answers to challenges yourself.
I want to work on the puzzle with you. It’s great if we both do a lot of talking. It’s a form of generating energy. Just as long as by the end of the conversation we distil it down to a few key action points that will further our relationship or our business objectives.

A benefit of listening well is that you get to learn more about other people but it starts with asking lots of questions and then listening to what he or she has to say.

In the course of asking questions there is sometimes a misunderstanding which requires clarity and I find that sharing stories, mine or those of others, serves as a really strong method to unlock more information.

The person can now identify with the story and immediately relate it to themselves.

Speaking ability is vital. If you can’t communicate what you’re trying to say effectively, or ask the right questions, the likelihood is you won’t get very far in your career or business.

I had an interesting conversation the other day with a business executive who said I was just able to understand their situation, provide valuable insights and stories and leave them feeling confident and certain of the next steps they needed to take for their business unit. I had just talked a whole lot!

Yes, we need to balance speaking and listening but I really like speaking and others seem to like it when I do so I will keep doing it.
What are your thoughts on this (maybe contrary) topic?

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