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Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

I find myself gravitating towards this experience more and more.

Time away with hubby, afternoon tea with my parents, wine with friends, long easy walks, patting the dogs.

Maybe I am getting ready for retirement but I still love what I do, coaching business owners and business unit heads in business acumen and strategy.

It’s not about stopping, it’s about blending the work you need and love to do to earn a living but also enjoying things more and especially ‘Quality Time’ with people you care about. This may not be your ‘Love Language’ but it is mine.

I learned about Love Languages from two of my clients who have shown this logical, rational, rather unemotional person how to feel and develop a warm heart.

The one lady in particular has been helping me to “Find my Sunshine” this year. We have a ‘Value Exchange’ arrangement which is a mutually beneficial coaching arrangement where she coaches me in techniques to find my sunshine (warmth, compassion, joy) and discover more about myself. I coach her in strategy, planning and financial techniques (the hard skills) to “Unlock her Planner” which, as a creative, emotional being she can find difficult.

I really believe in these value arrangements where no payment is made but time and energy is exchanged and you both grow as a result.

I do both encourage a new business owner to try these especially with coaches, virtual assistants or social media/marketing experts but I also caution not to do too many. After all you do need to make money right? For a conversation on this topic you are welcome to #JustAskLinda

Enjoy puzzles? I do!

We grow the most when we face challenges. Through questions and exercises, I provide insights to puzzle out solutions to your business challenges In my work, I am mentor, coach, adviser and cheerleader for my business clients.

GLEE is my own personal philosophy for business and life. 

Grow, Learn, Empower, Enjoy.

Let me show you how to Grow with GLEE!

Linda Dent

CEO & Founder

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