How can you accelerate your career

How can you accelerate your career? Know your strengths and maximise for impact

It seems that many of us have little idea of our talents and strengths.

When I ask a business owner what their strengths are, invariably, I get responses such as “Well I am a good electrician but I am not good at finding clients” Are you really not good at finding clients or is this just not your strength.

I hear people say they are quiet, reserved, a perfectionist or a people person. These words do not inspire others or help them really understand you.

Why do we do this? Talk about ourselves in such dulcet tones and feel the need to explain what we cannot do.

If you spent any length of time working for a company, you would have experienced performance reviews and learned to focus on your weaknesses or forgo the bonus. 

How can anybody be perfect at everything? Sales, Admin, Finance, Strategy, Operations.

On our CVs we list all the tasks that we have performed over the years but not how well we performed them.

If this is you, it’s time to let go of the negativity, not to stress about the things you cannot control and start a new journey of discovery – YOU and your strengths!

Discover your Strengths and Talents

Do you understand your own strengths and how to apply them for both personal and career or business growth? 

I am not talking here about physical strength, emotional strength or even mental strength. 

Rather it’s about discovering what makes you unique and how knowing your strongest attributes can lead to effective leadership and following the right career path for you. 

As a business owner it can direct you towards that sweet spot where you do what you love and others love what you do.

I first discovered my own top strengths by reading this book:

Now, Discover Your Strengths by Donald O. Clifton and Marcus Buckingham which teaches you how to succeed using your most powerful natural talents. 

Talk about your what makes you special

Once you discover your top strengths, you have a vocabulary to talk about yourself to other people.

For example, my top strengths are Analytical, Maximiser, Focus, Deliberative, Input and Relator.

I can introduce myself to you as somebody who loves to ask questions (Analytical), to understand how your business works and the challenges you are facing and once I do to help you to enhance (Maximise) the work you do through zoning in (Focus) on different aspects of your business/career and coaching you to plan and consider risks (Deliberative). I will help you by researching options (Input) and then working out a plan of action together that works for you through a long term coaching/mentoring programme designed just for you (Relator).

Can you see how these sentences tell you more about me as a person and a businesswoman and leader?

Whilst I may not be a strong Ideation (rocket scientist) or Woo (able to sell ice to eskimos) these are not failings but they highlight to me where I might seek out help from others rather than battling to be this person myself.

Hitting the sweet spot

Understanding your unique strengths can lead to a fulfilling career whether you work for a company or own your own business.

Helping others to understand their strengths can lead to better relationships, greater understanding of the power each person brings to a team and sustainable results.

Start a new journey

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Enjoy puzzles? I do!

We grow the most when we face challenges. Through questions and exercises, I provide insights to puzzle out solutions to your business challenges. In my work, I am mentor, coach, adviser and cheerleader for my business clients.

GLEE is my own personal philosophy for business and life. 

Grow, Learn, Empower, Enjoy.

Let me show you how to Grow with GLEE!

Linda Dent

CEO & Founder

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